Boban Petrovic ”Zora” REISSUE

This album signifies a departure of Boban Petrovic from both his music and his country, which occurred during the mid-eighties. Three decades later this fact becomes more and more relevant as the social circumstances, which caused Boban’s departure still prevail. The album ‘’Zora’’ was created seven years before the collapse of the country and the beginning of civil war in former Yugoslavia. That period represents the time of negative transformations and turbulences in the economic, political and cultural system. A degradation of taste and an omnipresent system of negative selection caused revolt, especially among highly sensitive people. Boban Petrovic, a pioneer of the disco music in Yugoslavia, a hero of the urban culture in Belgrade in the seventies and the leader of a very popular group ‘Zdravo’, found himself in a situation where his songs were censored due to their political context, while the interest of wider public was shifting to non-urban genres. At such a crossroad Boban Petrovic became frustrated and wanted to get rid of bad energy, and so he began recording his album ‘’Zora’’. However, it proved hard to overcome the accumulated frustration. In an interview made on the occasion of the reissue, Boban Petrovic said: ‘’While I was working on this album, negative energy started to accumulate more and more, so I’ve realized that I’ll need to make more than ten albums in order to free myself from the energy that has gripped me. I can say that this album reflects the agony once I had within myself, probably caused by both the subjective circumstances and the objective surroundings. When I finished this album, I left music and departed from the country to do other things and to escape somehow from myself and those around me. ”

Three songs on the album have particular weight and depict emotional and psychological state of the artist. These songs are: ”In a nuthouse”, ” Loner at the bottom of the universe.”, ”Fire in the head”.

The lyrics of the songs ”In a nuthouse”:

”Striped pajamas, large slippers

Window bars violently gnawed

In a long hallway steps resonate

The left arm and leg, the head bobble,

Pause, start and move”

Reflect not only the moves of a madman, but also capture the feeling of fear of what might have happened to the artist if he had stayed in the state.

Lyrics of the songs ”A loner at the bottom of the universe”

”I crawl on a marble, cold, smooth cosmic dream

Elbow then knee, the darkness is a mainstay”

Indicate the sense of isolation and loneliness.

He further states:

”Only a prayer of salvation that heaven is crying out for

Can make me stand up, utter an occasional sound”

He prays to heaven to save and free him from feeling of complete loneliness.

The final verses of the song ”Fire in the head”:

”Blast, brain, torment and hush

Yogurt everywhere!

Oh, Lord, am I crazy, your judgment is stern

I have nowhere to turn.”

Indicate what happened next – departure of Boban Petrovic from both his music and his country.

The only light that shines on the album “Zora” comes from the song ”Happy Together’’. This song endows the artist with hope and the dream that he will overcome all the unease felt in other songs.

Text by Vanja Todorovic and Luka Novakovic

(inner of the record, side 1)


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