In my studio

Sit in that chair. Darkness protects you.
Sit in that chair. Nothing will harm you.
The blue lightning quickly the quietness breaks
and disolves the body in a light-obscure dance,
like the sparkling moonlight in the stream.
Sit in that chair. I protect you.
Sit in that chair. Don’t do anything, posse like this.
Til the lightning arrives, we will talk and joyously smile
you will be quiet and relaxed, til the ray melts you
in a hundred textured pieces against the wall.
Sit in that chair. Let me look inside you.
Sit in that chair. I’ll be guilty for everything.
For your eternity, for your memories
For a while my eyes will shape your soul, see,
while the lightning arrives riding over the darkness.
Sit there. Posse like this.
Sit there. Posse for me.
In the darkness, nothing will harm you.
My eyes will protect you.
My eyes will give you the eternity.
Sit there. The light is coming.

Santi Ulloa

andre kohn

painting by Andre Kohn


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