Sarolta Ban


Sarolta is an artist. Before, she was a jeweler. In Hungarian the world ‘’jeweler ‘’ means you compound materials to create things and that is exactly what she does with her photos. Her pictures are very talkative, and each is telling a strange dream-like story. She considers her art closer to painting than to photography. She works on a picture from a few hours to couple of days. Her images represent true display of chimeras, illusions and dreams. In one interview, on the question would she like to live in unusual world she has created, Sarolta said. ‘’This is a really good question. My first thought is no, I wouldn’t, because it’s really frightening. I might visit that world, but I wouldn’t want to live long in there.’’ She likes to personalize objects so they substitute human presence on the images. Sarolta lives in Hungary and she is certain that surreality has chosen her.

















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