Sculptor Nikola Pantovic

He is a sculptor and he is  greatly inspired by nature. This artist truly loves applied arts since people are allowed to feel, touch and experience momentums from his own world. Different figures- butterflies, dragons, small details and curves are welded together. In his own words, he creates a parallel world which then he shares with collocutors. Mainly, he makes abstract corten steel sculptures. His artwork represents unique amalgamation of Balkan ethno style, medieval vegetation, new age beliefs, resonators, far seas and fairy-tales. Perhaps one day he might build a house of steel. For now, he makes window grids, door gates, balustrades, furniture and even more. This silent storyteller makes warm stories and yet, he is able to articulate each word with precision. He lives in Serbia and currently he is working on  ‘’The Sleeping Beauty’’ project.




Chandelier, Leila books and records


Leila books and records, gallery

Aurora - Railing for stairs

Aurora – Railing for stairs

Nebeska Kapija . Kovano gvozdje - Heaven's gate. wrought iron

Heaven’s gate, wrought ironwork


detail 1


detail 2


detail 3

Nest gate - small — at Perlez, Serbia.

Nest gate – small, at Perlez, Serbia.

Landscape-grid for the window — at Senjak,Topčidersko brdo,Serbia.

Landscape- grid for the window , at Senjak, Topčidersko brdo, Serbia.

Tree of Life - lattice door — at Senjak,Topčidersko brdo,Serbia.

Tree of Life- lattice door, at Senjak, Topčidersko brdo, Serbia.

More of his work at:


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