She decided not to go on that side of river.
Why shouldn’t she go?

The two of them were laid on separated beds. They were looking
at the ceiling, and then both have closed their eyes.
– Can you explain the meaning of one whole? – asked one of them.
– One consists of several pieces.- said the other one.
– Seven pieces- said the first one.
– Why seven?
– Imagine that your aunts come, you will serve a cake, right? They will take three pieces, you will take two, and you’ll put one in the fridge so one day you could recall what you’ve been preparing for that occasion.

– Why would I do that?- asked the darker one, trying to find the best position for her head on a pillow.

– You don’t do that? After you’ve finish with it, you will go on the country side for a couple of days. When you come back, you’ll find that one piece of cake is mottled, so you’ll throw it away. The garbage man will take your can, and he ‘ll drop that piece, with some other important things, and he’ll go further. The cat will come and she’ll eat it, but the dog will start to chase her, so the insects will take it, hundreds of bugs. So, frankly, I don’t know the precise number  of pieces which make one whole. For every insect that is one little crumb. But I like to think and  explain things starting with seven.- the lighter one didn’t open her eyes.
– So, how do you know aunts will take three pieces? How do you know that three aunts will come at the same time?- asked quietly thinner one.
– No, they won’t come together. They will come one by one, or one after another, or third one before that first one, which is not the first but the last one. And just two of them  will eat. One will take two pieces, but she will forget that she was eating, and another aunt will forget that she didn’t eat so she will start thinking that little plate with cake is her- said seriously skinny one.
– Ok, well, I am tired of that story… can you imagine rainy day?
– Why should I imagine rainy day? – Skinny girl put the finger on her noose.
– Well, simply picture it.
– I can’t.
– Why?
– I have never seen the rain.
– Picture water then.
– Why should I go around with one container of water?
– I didn’t say that. Just imagine water.
– Well, if I have to imagine it, you have to tell me of how much water I have
to think about.
– Imagine one glass of water.
– Glass, what kind of glass?
– Well common glass, I guess.
– You guess? You have to tell me that, how can I imagine if you are guessing?
– Tell me what you see? What kind of glass?
– You are reformulating my question.
– Ok, leave that aside. Tell me have you ever been thinking about idea that you could
present yourself to the Sun?- asked a little bit hysterically peaceful one.
– Leave to the right or to the left of what? Why are you mentioning the Sun? You are funny.
– Well, just answer me.
– I have never considered the idea of introducing myself to the Sun- the wilder one said that without wondering.
– Let’s suppose that Sun can read and that it reads when it leaves the city- persuasively said the darker one.
– The Sun can read!!!! If the Sun can read, then it’s not possible it knows all languages on the world!
– Well, I think that you can imagine one Sun which can read the letters of the graves, and I think it would be really nice to represent yourself to the Sun.
– Sun knows the names of a dead people? No, I can’t imagine. And what will happen if I take one paper and put my name on it, and put it not aside of me, not on my left side, but if I hold it in my hands, and my arms are week, so I can’t hold that paper too long, and what will happen if wind blows and paper with my name fells down on somebody’s head? What will than happen with me? And what about the Sun? The Sun will think that another person has my name, and I will lose it. And if I do that, if I introduce myself to the Sun, then I have to introduce myself and to the Moon, and to the all stars, and you know that I can’t stay out so long!  And what is more important, I don’t know the color of that paper!!!- now the lighter one started to wonder.
– Imagine…
– To imagine? To imagine again?! You are frustrating me!
– Ok, permit me to imagine together, please.

– How do you mean that?! Should I start first and you will continue, or you will start first and imagine paper in pink color, but you know I don’t like it because I don’t know what I can do with the pink paper!!!- she said that without opening her yes.

– Ok, I think that you can choose paper in color you like.
– You think?! You don’t know?!
– Well, I believe that I know.
– Faith and truth are the same things?!

They were still in their beds. Footsteps started to be very loud.
Somebody was behind the doors.

– Can you feel the silence?- asked the thinner one.
– No. Can you? I only feel the dark.
– Well, listen.
– No, I don’t want to, and I don’t want to imagine, to pretend, just live me alone… (after a while) I was thinking, do you think that Sun, which is able to read the names of dead people on their gravestones, and which reads when it leaves the city, do you think that after introducing myself to the Sun, the Sun will recognize me and if I put my sunglasses on?
– O, I believe so.
– But have you consider the effect of reflection? Maybe the Sun will see only itself, not my eyes.
– The Sun is able to see through your sunglasses, it can see your eyes.
– Why are you so sure about that?
– Believe me.

Two nurses came into the room, and they put several pills in the mouth of redhead woman with a force She opened eyes, without smile or ache,  without any recognizable expression.

                                                                2005. Belgrade


storyteller# liar# making fire# once upon# woods#2007


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